Quidditch Reward System

Quidditch is a fictional Wizarding sport played in the Harry Potter book series. It is described as an extremely rough, but very popular, semi-contact sport, played by wizards and witches around the world. Matches are played between two teams of seven players riding flying broomsticks, using four balls and six elevated ring-shaped goals.

The reward system is something new that we have added. During the first week of school, we noticed that the students were doing a great job as a team and as individuals, and we wanted to be able to reward them. In keeping with our Harry Potter Theme, we have designed the Quidditch Reward System. In the game of Quidditch, there are three goals on each side. When a student makes an individual accomplishment, for example, a goal set by Prime Minister Judson, they've made a goal which equals 10 points. When students collectively make an accomplishment, for example, being complimented on good behavior by another teacher, they have made a snitch sighting, which earns them 25 points. When they have had 6 Snitch sightings, they will have caught the Snitch, which earns them a total of 150 points and ends the game. We will then add up all the points and based off of that, they will vote on what prize they have earned. For example, if the group earns 420 points, they can choose to have cupcakes, movie and popcorn, or doughnuts. As a twist, they can also save those points to add to the points from next game to earn a bigger prize. For example, if they earn 320 points, but want a Wii game, they can carry over the 320 points to the following game.



How do I earn these points?


Goal = 10 points

Individual accomplishments

*goals set by Prime Minister

Snitch = 150 Points

25 Points per sighting of snitch

Group accomplishments (Ex.)

*teacher compliments on good behavior

*collectively ignoring poor behavior

*collectively being a social thinker

*changing the way others feel


We WON! What Prize Did We Win?


Hot Wheels

300-400 Points

Get-out-of-Work Free Card

300-400 Points

Doughnut Morning

400-500 Points

Cupcake Afternoon

400-500 Points

Movie and Popcorn

400-500 Points

Wii Game

500+ Points


500+ Points

Game Strategy Guide

500+ Points