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 Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was born in the town Vinci, Italy in April 15, 1452. his father was a government offical, and his mother was a peasant girl. When Leonardo was young with his mom at her farm free to explore the field and streams. In 1469 when Leonardo was 17 he moved with his father to Florence.He also was raised by his step mothers also.  After a few years he apprenticed to Andrea del Verrocchio. He was a painter also a sculptor. When he was 20 he was a master of the painter's guide. Also Leonardo was a master at The guide of St'luke, and also had his own workshop.  Later in that year he painted an angel, and alsohis master gave up on painting for good. His painting included over 10 scientific study. Leanardo created many inventions for war and aslo flight. He created the tank and also the machine gun. In his notebook Leonardo had over 14,000. He had models of an airplane before the first invention of the first test.

Get 2 Months for $5!