Homework Corner

Homework:          Homework is given Monday through Thursday nights. There are occasion assignments given on Friday nights. Please be sure to sign your student's agenda on a nighlty basis. The agenda may also be used as a form of communication between teachers and parents.

Weekly Skills Agenda:

Math:   Prime  & Composite Numbers,  Factors & Multiples, & Review of Place Value to Billions (Please continue to   practice multiplication facts on a nightly basis)

Reading: How can narrative elements help with the understanding  of the story? (SKill)

Use  sequencing of events in locating plot( Strategy to learn the weekly skill)

Language Arts:   Pre-Fixes & Suffixes, Complete and Simple Subjects  ( Subjects & Predicates)

Social Studies: What were the causes of  the Civil War? Finding out about figures who were important to abolitionism.

Science: What are the parts of a cell? Distinguishing the differences between plant and animal cells.