Key Rules to behave in the cleanroom!

So the cleanroom may be able to maintain the cleanliness of air as per the standard of ISO, it is really important to check all the factors in the cleanroom during the Cleanroom Recovery Test for their suitability and also to optimise them, if required. Apart from the machines, assemblies as well as some processes in cleanroom, it is mainly the people and the staff that work there and that contribute quite significant level to purity of the room. Let us now understand the basic rules of behaviour of the employees of the clean room.

Staff in the clean room

Staff or the employees in the clean room are known to be the greatest source of contamination. Particularly the Particle Count found on human body, like, hair, dust, skin particles and also the bacterial particles that may severely impair class of cleanliness of the room. With the high intensity of the movement of staff, these particles reach quickly to the clean environment, so, emission of the Clean Room Particle Count may be increased by the intensive movements several times.


Apart from the dress code which is compatible to the clean room, the behaviour of staff in such kind of atmosphere is of high importance to maintain class of air cleanliness of clean room. Only through suitable training, an open and transparent communication, the staff may be allowed to behave perfectly in clean room.


Behaviour of employees in clean room!

It is important that while dealing with Vertical Laminar Flow Hood, rules of the proper behaviour in the clean atmosphere must be strictly adhered by the employee, visitor with proper management, so not to contaminate the cleanroom unnecessarily. However, we can divide the behaviour rules different categories:


People traffic: It is the most crucial factor that only the experienced and trained staff must work with Horizontal Flow Hood in the cleanroom.  It ensures only minimum and important staff must be available at the clean workplace. While not busy and monitoring, staff must always stay away from the crucial area.


Personal Belongings: Bringing along the personal items in the clean environment like jewellery, food and handbags must be forbidden. Moreover, using of the make-up is also not permitted.


Food: Bringing along your food and beverage is also prohibited. They may lead to some high degree of emission of particle. The water dispenser in personnel lock is accommodating for the staff.


Movement: Here, intensive movement might also lead to stronger emission of the particles and this is the reason the staff must be quite vigilant and careful in the clean atmosphere. However, fast movement or the Hectic movements must be avoided.


Diseases:  it is important that you should not sneeze a cough in direction of critical work. It must be avoided under any such circumstances. If any staff is unfit to work in the cleanroom temporary or even permanently - after proper appointment with the doctor - the employee must get transferred to other equivalent workplace in company.