" R.  A.  F.  T "

R.A.F.T. is an acroynym for Role Audience Format Topic.  It is a way of identifying and categorizing elements in writing prompts. Proper use of R.A.F.T. will help OMS students quickly and efficiently determine how to write an informational or expressive responsive.

R - Role of the writer. Who are you? What is your task? What is included in your task? 

A - Audience. For whom is the information to be given? To whom are you writing? Who are you attempting to influence or persuade?

F - Format. What form do I use? How do I structure my work? Always use the OWP. Your writing can take several forms, for example, essay, letter, speech, article or other.

T - Topic. What am I to write about? What should I focus on?