Class Syllabus and Dates

This is a trimester class meets every other day and is scheduled as follows:

1st Trimester : September

2nd Trimester: November

3rd Trimester: March

Below is a copy of the class syllabus:



Spanish 7th Grade  

Teacher: Srta. Pavao                                                   Email:

Room: 3100                                                                Quia:

                                                                                    Classcode: DRME974

Course Outline: This section is an introduction to the Spanish Language and the Spanish Speaking World.

Materials: Each student should have the following materials

  • 3 Ring binder or Notebook dedicated to Spanish (preferably with a folder)
  • Pencils/Pens

Course Content: This course will be focused on developing Spanish proficiency in the four major language areas: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Activities, projects and classroom work will be targeted to building these skills.


Course Expectations: Each student is expected to be prepared for class, follow the rules of the classroom and to participate in all class discussions and activities. Students are expected to be a positive addition to the classroom environment and to contribute constructively to the course. It is expected that students engage in all classroom activities and speak Spanish in class.


Classroom Work and Participation: Students are expected to complete and participate in all classroom assignments, activities and projects. Again, it is expected that students speak Spanish in class. Students will receive participation and speaking grades on all classroom assignments, discussions, activities and projects.

 Class Attendance : Students are expected to be in class everyday. If you are not in class it is your responsibility to get the notes and homework assignments from a classmate or from me THAT day or the next day you are in class (in case of an absence from school that day). This will enable you to complete the work and be prepared for the following day.  ***Coming to class is extremely important to learning. Each time you miss a class (excused or unexcused) you will have a harder time catching up with the rest of the class. This will ultimately impact how well you do in the course if you do not seek other arrangements. *** Going Green: Going green and being responsible go hand in hand. Every student will receive ONE copy of all hand outs. Extra copies WILL NOT be made. Lost paper may result in a zero grade. If a student loses a handout it is THEIR responsibility to get a copy from their peers.  Class Website: Assignments will be given that require students to have access to a computer and the internet. If a student does not have access at home, they are encouraged to use the GHS School library or the Georgetown Public Library. They may also make arrangements with the teacher IN ADVANCE. Computer emergencies will only be accepted with a written note from a parent/guardian.  

Homework: Students are expected to complete ALL homework assignments to be turned in at the BEGINNING of the next class period unless otherwise specified by the teacher. Missing assignments will receive a zero grade. Late homework assignments will ONLY be accepted in the event of an absence (see make-up policy). All text book assignments MUST have the following heading in order to receive credit.


Homework Heading-


Name (first and last)


Date, Block

Title of Assignment
(page #, question #s, etc)

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given periodically throughout a chapter and unit. Quizzes can be announced or unannounced.




BE RESPONSIBLE                           BE RESPECTFUL                             BE SAFE

             Rules:                        Consequences: 

Listen Carefully                                              1st Offence: Verbal Warning              

Follow Directions                                           2nd Offense: Detention

Work Quietly                                                  3rd Offense: Call to Parents & 2 Detentions

Do not disturb others                                      4th Offense: Administration


-          Hoods

-          iPods, cell phones or other electronic devices

-          Swearing (in any language)

-          Complaining/Whining

-          Eating

-          Drinking

-          NO students are allowed behind the teachers desk at ANY time (no exceptions)

 Student Conduct : While in class you will behave at all times in a manner befitting a responsible student. This means you will respect yourself, your fellow students and your teacher. Any behavior which causes a disruption of the learning process will not be tolerated. After school detentions will be given out at teacher discretion. Failure to report to detention may result in referral to the office. Students must report for an assigned detention before 2:15 p.m.. Vandalism : You will NOT write on the desks or on any other furniture in the room. Disciplinary action will be taken for anyone who chooses to violate this rule. Bathroom/ Hall Policy : Students will be given 3 bathroom passes for the term. It is YOUR responsibility to keep them. Extra copies will NOT be made. Any pass turned in at the end of the semester will be worth one extra point on their term grade. Cheating : A student who is caught cheating during a test or quiz will be immediately asked to leave the classroom. The student is to report to his/her appropriate administrator. Please note: cheating also INCLUDES plagiarism and use of on-line translators!!!  


 Arrival: When the bell rings…-             Take your assigned seat-             Take our your notebooks and homework-             Begin working on the daily warm-up exercise ** Do not ask for passes when I am teaching unless it is an emergency**** If you are late to class or need to be dismissed early for any reason, you MUST have a pass** Dismissal : At the end of class… I will end class. Do NOT begin putting papers away before class has officially ended. -             Clean up your area and the classroom-             Push in your chair (if it’s the last block of the day, put your chair on your desk). Grading: 

Homework:                                                     25%

Quizzes:                                                          75%


** This is a pass/fail class **


Make-Up Work: Make-up work will ONLY be accepted in the event of an excused absence. ***It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to find out what work they have missed due to an absence. The teacher will not track down students for missing work!

  • Homework and Class assignments: For everyday that a student is out, they will be given two days to complete missing assignments.

****If a student missed class due to any extra curricular activities they will be expected to turn in homework assignment on the day they are due.

  • Quizzes: can only be made-up in the event of an excused absences during the teachers designated after school help time unless arrangements have been made with the teacher IN ADVANCE!!!! Any quiz that is not made up within one week of the absence will be given a zero grade. Make-up days are Monday’s after school from 2:15 – 3:00.

Extra Help: Teacher will be available after school on Monday afternoons from 2:15 – 3:00 in room 3100. In the event of a Monday holiday, or a conflict of schedule on the part of the teacher, extra help will be rescheduled for a different day of the week. Any student who needs extra help can also make an appointment to meet with the teacher either before or after school.


Teacher Contact: The quickest way for a parent or student to reach me is by email. The address is listed on the first page of the syllabus.

  *** If any changes are made to this syllabus, students will be notified in class by the teacher ***  Parent/Guardian Contact Form 

Please sign below to confirm that you have read and understand the syllabus for Ms. Pavao’s Spanish II course. Please return by Thursday, September 2nd.


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