Extra Credit Assignments

Term 2: Your Task...

Create a Remake of the One Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song into the One Semester of FRENCH, FRENCH love song.

You and your group will need to create a music video with lyrics that give at least one example of things you learned from each section of semester 1 of French 1. To do this, rewrite the lyrics to the video: One Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song (can be found on youtube). You may or may not want to parody the actual music video. The more correct French you can incorporate into your video the better. Also, the more topics you can cover the better. Be sure that:

¨     Lyrics are in rhythm/timing with the music

¨     Lyrics and video are appropriate for school

¨     All members of your group appear on screen

¨     Visuals are clear and easy to follow

¨     Audio is clear and understandable

¨     All members participate evenly and positively to the project

¨     Lyrics MUST be turned in by email to the teacher.

Projects maybe submitted to the teacher in one of the following 2 ways:


  1. If all members and parents/guardians agree, groups may post their videos to youtube. Once successfully posted, the group must then send an email to Srta. Pavao with a link to the video.


  1. Students may bring in their projects on a flash drive/CD/DVD. All projects must be viewable using Windows Media Player, iTunes, Flvplayr or Quicktime. Any video needing different software for viewing MUST be approved by Srta. Pavao ahead of time.


Projects are due by: Friday, January 13th by 2:15 p.m. NOT LATER!

  • *** Remember that extra credit is just that, EXTRA. All focus should be on doing a great job on REGULAR credit assignments.
  • ***GRADING*** Assignments will be graded on a 1 – 4 point scale. This grade will then be added to the students test average. NOT their final average.
  • **** Late assignments will NOT be accepted.

  • *** Please note: You may want to email your Lyrics and Projects to Srta. Pavao early in order to avoid being late should there be unforeseen technical issues. This includes issues with hard copies (CDs/Flashdrives/DVDs). Emails are time stamped! ***