Chemical Safety and Disposal

Chemical Safety:

  1. The chemicals used in this experiment are;______________,____________, __________... a
  2. These chemicals will used in accordance with the MSDS while wearing gloves, aprons, and goggles.
  3. The chemical _______________may release fumes and will be placed under the fume hood to prevent the release of fumes into the classroom.
  4. A fire blanket, fume-hood, fire extinguisher, eyewash station, and shower are available for use.
  5. Upon leaving the lab, hands will be washed and all chemicals will be stored in a locked ventilated chemical storeroom.

Chemical Disposal

  1. Using Flinn scienctific catelogue, identify the diposal method for the chemical and breifly describe the method.
  2. If the chemcial is not found in the flinn catelogue, see Mr. O'Donnell for proper disposal:
    1. You may need to disposed of by a licensenced hazardous waste disposal company like EQ industrial Services 1-800-627-5302 at the address:
    2. EQ Florida, Inc.
    3. 7202 East Eighth Ave. Tampa, FL 33619
    4. Phone: (800) 624-5302
    5. EPA ID #: FLD 981 932 494