Electrical, Power Tools Heat and Sharp Objects

Electrical Power Safety

  1. The electrial items used in this project are ____________
  2. Limit the use of high power devices around water.
  3. Never use frayed or cut wires when plugging in a device.
  4. Never overload the outlet and use a surge protector.
  5. All electrical devices should have an emergency cut off switch or ‘kill’ switch’.
  6. Shut off and unplug all devices when not in use or when you leave the room unattended.

Power Tools

  1. The power tools in this project are _________
  2. Wear goggles or safety glasses
  3. Do not work alone in the lab.
  4. Dry wet hands and clothing before working with electricity. Mop up all water spilled on the floor.
  5. Keep the lab clean.
  6. Clamp down any objects that will be used.
  7. Read and refer to the owners manual for proper operation. 
  8. Keep hands, fingers, feet, and all objects not being used way from moving parts.
  9. Use a vacuum system to keep debris away from cutting area.

Hot object, Heat, and Fire Safety

  1. Use caution when dealing with hot objects
  2. Wera Goggles and use tongs or thermal gloves when handeling hot objects.
  3. Allow Hot object to cool be storage.
  4.  Make sure a fire extinguisher, lab shower and Fire Blanket are available for use if needed

Sharp Object Safety

  1. The sharp objects used in this project are _________
  2. Use caution when using a sharp object.
  3. Do not use bent or broken sharp objects.
  4. Cover or cap after every use.
  5. Discard disposable sharps objects into an approved sharps container.