Laser, Radiation, UV Light

Laser Safety:

This project will use a class ____  Laser
Laser I and II  Safety
1. Do not look directly into the laser beam
2. Watch out for the reflection of the beam off shiny object, mirrors or lens.
3. Label the work area with a poster stating Caution: laser is in use.
4. Do not track people, animals or vehicles with the laser beam it may alarm people and cause an accident
5. Upon finishing with the laser, turn off the laser and unplug the devise.
6. Store the laser in a closed locked cabinet.
Laser IIIa and IIIb and IV
1. Requires a Qualified scientist
2. Special eyewear
3. Hazard labels on the laser

UVA, UVB, and UVC light safety:

  1. This project will use UV___ light.
  2. Limit UV exposure by placing the light source in a solid sealed case.
  3. Wear UV protect goggles.
  4. Wear personal protection includes aprons and gloves.
  5. Never look directly into UV light source.
  6. When using UV the light and reflection of light must be completely blocked before the unit is turned on.
  7. Place a warning sign in the lab area that a UV light source is being used.

Radiation Safety:

  1. This project will use ________ radiation source
  2. Wear goggles or face shield when dealing with radiation sources.
  3. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants.
  4. Wear gloves and lab coats when handling and working around radiation sources.
  5.  Place a warning sign indicating low level radiation is being used in the lab area.
  6. Radiation source must stored and locked when not in use.
  7. Eating, drinking, and application of cosmetics in the laboratory is not permitted
  8. Before leaving the lab, wash your hands thoroughly.
  9. Keep exposure time to a minimum.