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ACT Preperation


Welcome to ACT Preperation/History

Course description: The study of historical passages to gain an understanding of material and applying to situations in and outside of the classroom.

*Note* Although  history is a subject taught and tested on in both High School and College it is not an area of focus for the ACT. However you will be presented with passages that may contain historical significance, in which case we will prepare you to sort out the facts and interpret the true meaning of the context.

Overarching goals: To prepare students with the adequate tools needed to read and understand historical situations in order to better develop continual learning.

Generative Topic: (Unit)

  • How can history still affect me today?
  •  What can I learn from the past that can be applied to the future?



  1. No electronic devices out; unless prior approval is met.
  2.  No put downs, “We are all equal and should be treated so.”
  3.  No speaking out of turn, “ If someone is teaching/speaking your listening”



Course schedule 6/18-6/21


Monday  6/18
  1.  Students will be greeted at the door by a teacher. Teacher and will learn student names. After, students  will be asked to complete the SAT quiz
  2.  After completing the quiz teachers will  instructed students to throw away  quiz; because  it has no relevance to the  ACT
  3.  Teachers will go over introduction, course description, goals, rules, and today’s activity.
  4.  Teachers will present clips to students.
  5.  After clips teachers will instruct students to gather together and discuss questions relevant to clips and determine answers.( walking around viewing participation)
  6. At the end of the class period teachers will switch out with second hour teachers.
  1. Students will enter classroom and will be instructed to find a seat and complete a quiz taken from the SAT; not knowing it that it has no relevance to  the ACT.
  2. After quiz  students  will listen to teachers explain  what the course is about and what teachers will be teaching them in the next 4 days.
  3.  Students will then watch clips ranging between the Revolution, the Constitution, Civil War, WWI, and WWII. Taking notes if they deem necessary.
  4.  After students will gather in groups depending on size of the classroom, and discuss question given by teachers.
  5.  Students will interpret the information from  the clips and develop answers
  6. After answers  are developed students will present to the class.
  7. At the end of class students will turn their attention to second hour teachers.

Tuesday  6/19

  • Teachers will greet students at the door; asking students to take a seat.
  • Teachers will instruct students to draw a political cartoon. ( instruction will be given if necessary)
  • Teachers will listen and ask questions  about the students  cartoon
  •  Teachers will place pictures on the student’s desk and ask students to personally interpret a meaning and its purpose.
  •   Teachers  will present the answers  to the image, but  will ask students what answers they received and why they came up with them.
  • At the end of class teachers will dismiss students to stretch and prepare for the next class.
  • Students will enter the classroom and will take a seat finding paper and utensils.
  • Students will be instructed to create a political cartoon.
  • After completing the cartoon students will present and explain the meaning of their cartoon.
  •  With drawings out of the way students will be presented with a series of images and will have the task to finding meaning personally to them and to the outside world.
  • Students after sorting through the pictures will present to the class what they discovered and how they determined the meaning.
  • At the end of class students will be dismissed.

Wednesday 6/20

 Visual Interpretation  

Thursday  6/21




MONDAY: Visual and Verbal Interpretation


Instructions: As we view the following films piece; write down information you deem is relevant to the historical passage. After watching the clip, you together with your group appointed, will discuss questions asked by teachers. After discussion groups will teach the teachers why they came to their conclusion.


 A. A more perfect union http

  •  6:30-11:15, John Adams meets with  the prime Minister
  1. What does America want from Great Britain? ( Fair Trade)
  2.  Why does Great Britain Charge so much for products?  (America is dependent of British good, and debts must be paid.)
  3.  What is America’s Problem according to the prime minister? (That the states cannot resolve their differences  between one another  they are simply divided.)
  4.  What must America do? (Create a unified government)

B. A more perfect Union

  •  Part 8 1:5-230, Adams delivers a Constitution  of the United  States

C. Young Indiana Jones

  • Men fighting in the war teaching Indiana johns why WWI came to be
  1.  From the surrounding where would you assume these characters are located?  (In  underground trenches of France.)
  2. What is Indiana Jones ultimate conclusion on why they are fighting in WWI? (To protect  Serbia a little country nobody has ever heard of.


TUESDAY: Visual Interpretation


Instructions: In front of you will find several images that promote several different  types of thinking to determine a single meaning. It is your task to view these images and attempt to find the meaning of these pieces both personally to you and to the outside world.