United States History

Welcome to United States History.

Course description: The study of historical events, documents, passages, and artifacts in order to gain an understanding of how this nation was built and how it continues to exist today, along with what will it look like in the future.

Overarching goals: My goal  as a teacher is  to  give you students the adequate tools needed to read and understand historical situations in order to better develop continual learning; along  with the possibility of applying your understanding to future situations.

My hopes and dreams: By the end of my year of teaching you it is my hope that you will all begin to ask these questions to yourself every single day.

  • How has history affected me today?
  • What can I learn from the past that can be applied to the future?

Classroom Policies

  1. Materials: This course requires the very basic materials, but essential none of the less. You will be required to have pens (blue or black ink only), pencils, notebooks, notecards, three-ring binder, and a good attitude.
  2. Homework/Projects:  As we progress through our learning you will find that homework and projects will start becoming a regular occurrence, so you may expect homework three to four times a week depending on how much cover. Projects on the other hand will correspond with major developments in the United States history, and they will be fun and well worth your time!!!  
  3. Late work: We have all been late on assignments it’s a natural and unfortunate, but fortunately for you I do except late work, but I will deduct points for every day it is late.

*note* Late assignments still carry points it’s not worth it to throw them out the door because you don’t want to play catch up.

  1. Return Assignments: As a teacher I have the opportunity to view your work and if I feel that you have not understood the assignment I will return your work to you and ask you to redo it. I do not do this because I am a mean teacher, but because I want to see you really understand the material so you may use it in the future.

5. Test and Quizzes

 Tests will correspond with the ending of each chapter we cover together as a class.

Quizzes will be random and may be non-existent depending on the participation and enthusiasm that class shows.

*Note * you will never be tested on something we as a class have not gone over; it is unfair and let’s be honest, inhumane.  I understand humanity unlike some of your other teachers.



  1. Grading Policies: The following scale, based on total points, will be used:

100 - 90% = A; 89.9 - 80% = B; 79.9 - 70% = C; 69.9 - 60% = D; 59.9 - 0% = F




Classroom Rules

All school rules applied on campus also apply in the classroom, but here are some of my own to add.

  1. No electronic devices out; unless prior approval is met.
  2. No put downs, “We are all equal and should be treated so.”
  3. No speaking out of turn, “ If someone is teaching/speaking your listening”





And so it begins!!!

Chapter 1

Brave New World