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Note: Write all the answers on the answer sheet.
I. Vocabulary:
A: Fill in the blanks with the words given. There is one extra word. (4 points)
sample – locate – extreme – increases – transfers – sign – firmly – extinction – poverty
1. When you exercise, the number of your blood cells …………… .
2. Stand …………… when you are speaking to a group of people.
3. The …………… of the dinosaurs occurred millions of years ago.
4. Some earthquake are so weak that we can’t …………… them easily.
5. He lost all his money and died in …………… last year.
6. Students need some …………… questions before exams.
7. Many ……………… can be easily done through the Internet.
8. Ali has a bad headache. It can be a …………… of an illness.
B: Match the definitions in column (A) with the words in column (B). (2 points)
A___________ B___________
9. change old materials to use them again ( ) a. remove
10. important part or quality of something ( ) b. attach
11. make someone stop doing a job ( ) c. probable
12. likely to be or to happen ( ) d. feature
e. recycle
C: Choose the correct choice. (2 points)
13. You should try to ……………. the fear of speaking to a group.
a. disturb b. overcome c. evaluate d. overlearn
14. They ……………… the craters on the moon’s surface by telescope.
a. observed b. launched c. attracted d. invented
15. He had serious ……… in the car accident, and died on the way to the hospital.
a. nutrients b. experiments c. injuries d. functions
16. Edison worked very hard, although he …………… from many diseases.
a. devoted b. supported c. promoted d. suffered
D. Choose the different word. (2 points)
17. a. earthquake b. instrument c. flood d. storm
18. a. stamp b. envelope c. document d. mailbox
19. a. vehicle b. planet c. moon d. star
20. a. gesture b. stance c. posture d. purpose
II. Grammar:
A: Choose the correct choice. (2 points)
21. I started learning English ……………… I was 7 years old.
a. whether b. when c. since d. for
22. I tried to finish the work, ……………… I felt very tried.
a. however b. therefore c. because d. although
23. "Ali didn’t get to school in time." "He …………… have got up earlier.
a. should b. must c. would d. might
24. It was …………… strong earthquake that killed thousands of people.
a. so b. too c. such a d. enough
B: Rewrite the following sentences with the reduced form of the underlined parts. (2 points)
25. The people who live next door are from England.
26. Most of the people who were invited to the party were old friends.
C: Combine the following sentences with the words given in parentheses. (2 points)
27. Tabriz has a cold climate. Abadan is very warm. ( while )
28. He was very tired. He didn’t go to his English class. ( since )
D: Fill in the blanks with the correct from of verbs in parentheses. (2 points)
29. I turned on the television so as to ………… the football match. ( watch )
30. You can pass the exam by ……………… hard. ( study )
31. I could help my sister …………… her math problems. ( solve )
32. They were very happy. They must …………… the news yesterday. ( hear )
III. Sentence Functions: Match the items in column (A) with the appropriate phrases in column (B) to make meaningful sentences. (2 points)
A___________ B___________
33. She got a prize in 1979 a. because it can cause heart diseases.
34. Peace is important b. the energy that comes from the sun.
35. Eating too much fat is dangerous, c. it is hard to think.
36. Solar energy is d. for helping the poor.
e. because it helps people live together.
IV. Comprehension:
A: Sentence Comprehension: Read the following sentences and choose the correct choice. (4 points)
37. Rural children usually work in agriculture, but some children in urban areas work in trade and services. According to the above sentence, child labor …………… .
a. means working in agriculture b. isn’t liked by rural children at all
c. has different forms d. means working in trade and services
38. Children can bend and stretch their bodies without too much trouble.
This sentences means that ………………… .
a. children are not active b. children cannot do aerobic exercise well
c. children have a lot of problems d. children bodies are flexible
39. Three months after starting school, Edison ran away. His mother was forced to teach him at home.
We understand from these sentences that Edison ………….
a. was not educated at all b. was forced to go to school by his parents
c. ran away from his house d. went to school only for three months
40. Scientists think that as we use more gasoline and electricity, the Earth is going to get warmer. This sentence means that …………… .
a. we aren’t responsible for global warming b. global warming happens little by little
c. we don’t need to be worried about the Earth d. global warming happens suddenly
B. Cloze passage
Fill in the blanks with the words from the list below. There is one extra word.(4 points)
research – itself – plans – taken – mission – so far – materials – rocks – base
People may one day build some places to live on the moon. Although there have been no …41… to build bases on the moon …42… ,they could be possible by the year 2020. A moon …43… could be used as a …44… station. To save money, some …45… needed to build and run the base could come from the moon …46… . For example, some of the moon’s …47… have oxygen. This oxygen can be …48… from the rocks. It would be used by people there.
C. Reading Passage
Read the following passage and match each paragraph with one of the headings. (4 points) Headings
(A) New forms of foods served in restaurants.
B) The North American diet includes mostly fast food. )
C) Ideas about food and eating habits in the future. )
D) Why people are changing their eating habits? )
49. What do most North Americans usually eat? Many people think that the North American diet consists of fast food such as hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and so on. They think they also eat a lot of candy, cookies potato chips, and other things that are usually high in sugar, salt and fat. These substances can cause health programs.
50. However, some people’s eating habits are changing. They are becoming more interested in good health, and good food. North Americans are trying to eat less red meat and fewer eggs, and they are eating more chicken and fish because they have less fat than meat and eggs. Many people are also buying more fresh vegetables and eating them raw or cooked quickly in very little water to keep the vitamins.
51. Restaurant means are also changing. The North American that diet now includes food from many different countries. Some new restaurants are opening in big cities in North America. Foods from china, Japan, Korea, and Italia, are very famous there. Roasted chicken, and salad bars with a wide variety a fresh vegetables and fruits are served.
52. How are we going to eat in the future? Because we now know about the importance of good food, we will probably continue to eat more fish and vegetables and less meat. We will eat foods with less salt and sugar, and instead of candy bars, we will eat “nutrition bars” with a lot of vitamins and protein. In the future, our diet will probably be even more interesting and beautiful than it is now.
D: Reading Comprehension
Read the following passage and answer the questions as required. (8 points)
About 200 million years ago, much of the earth was very warm and wet all year. This heat and wet weather caused thick plants and tall trees to cover the land and make jungles where many interesting animals began to appear.
Dinosaurs were a group of animals that lived on the earth for 140 million years. There were no men in the days of the dinosaurs, so no one has ever seen a living dinosaurs. But their fossils have been found in rocks. Studying their fossils gives us fact about them. For example, the shape of dinosaurs teeth tells us that some dinosaurs ate only plants and some of them ate other animals. Some dinosaurs were as big as locomotives, others were as small as cats.
Then, after millions of years, something happened to the dinosaurs. Suddenly they began to die out. Many people believe that maybe dinosaurs died out because of a change in the earth’s weather. The climate might have cooled suddenly, killing the dinosaurs. But no one knows of certain.
53. The passage says that ………………… 200 million years ago.
a. the weather was dry and hot
b. the weather was not very warm and wet
c. much of the earth was hot and wet all year
d. all the land was warm and wet all year
54. We get information about dinosaurs by ………………… .
a. studying their fossils
b. learning how they came to the world
c. studying weather conditions
d. discovering the hot jungles around the world
55. The reason why dinosaurs died out was probably ………………… .
a. the heat of the earth b. their large size
c. having no food d. a sudden change in climate
56. The underlined word, “they” in the last paragraph refers to ……………… .
a. plants b. dinosaurs c. animals d. people
True or False
57. Dinosaurs were is different sizes.
a. True b. False
58. Dinosaurs lived on the earth for 200 million years.
a. True b. False
59. The passage says that very big dinosaurs ate only animals.
a. True b. False
60. Dinosaurs died out before man existed on the earth.
a. True b. False
The best wishes. Farahani
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1331/2/ ???????? ?????? ??????? ??????? ?????: 23
I: Vocabulary :
1. increases 2. firmly 3. extinction 4. locate
5. poverty 6. sample 7. transfers 8. Sign
9. ( e ) 10. ( d ) 11. ( a ) 12. ( c )
13. ( b ) 14. ( a ) 15. ( c ) 16. ( d )
17. ( b ) 18. ( c ) 19. ( a ) 20. ( d )
II: Grammar:
21. ( b ) 22. ( d ) 23. ( a ) 24. ( c )
are from next door 25. The people
were old friends. invited to the party26. Most of the people
27. Tabriz has a cold climate, while Abadan is very warm.
28. Since he was very tired, he didn’t go to his English class.
(or) he didn’t go to his English class since he was very tired
29. watch 30. studying 31. solve / to solve 32. must have heard
III. Sentence Function:
33. ( d ) 34. ( e ) 35. ( a ) 36. ( b )
IV. Comprehension:
37. ( c ) 38. ( d ) 39. ( d ) 40. ( b )
41. plans 42. so far 43. base 44. research
45. materials 46. itself 47. rocks 48. Taken
49. ( b ) 50. ( d ) 51. ( a ) 52. ( c )
53. ( c ) 54. ( a ) 55. ( d ) 56. ( b )
57. ( a ) 58. ( b ) 59. ( b ) 60. ( a )
The best wishes.