20 Book Reading Challenge

The 20 Book Reading Challenge will end of Monday May 7th - All Book Enteries will need to be turned in by the date for credit!!


Read to succeed this year!   Are you up for the challenge!  The challenge is for you to read 20 books, yes 20 books, by the end of this year from a variety of genres.  Books should be from the following genres: fiction, non-fiction informational, autobiography/biography, fantasy, and a free choice category.  For each book you complete towards the challenge, you will complete a sheet with the book title, the author, genre, number of pages in the book, and a short summary about the book.  Once this is done turn it in to me and you can mark off the book on the genre sheet so you can track your overall progress towards meeting the goal.  Remember to read a little bit, 20-30 minutes at home every night and a variety of books and you should have no problem meeting the challenge by the end of the year! Good luck…


Here are some great websites to get you started on thinking about what books to read!