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Book Report

Students will need to read a pre-approved chapter book and complete a book report by Friday September 20th. 


Here are the guidelines for the book report.


Include a cover page with following:  Your name, title of the book, author, and an illustration about the book (drawn or printed out)

Page 1:   Write about why you selected th book and connections you made to the book

Page 2:   Describe the setting and characters in your book.

Page 3:   Explain what happens in the book.  This is the plot and storyline of your book.

Page 4:   Write about your thoughts and opinions of the book.


Each section should be at detailed paragraph (5 to 7 quality sentences).


Students will also complete a class presentation about the book they read.   Students will need to bring in one physical object (drawing, picture, small item) that somehow relates to the book for their presentation to show the class.




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