Class Expectations


 Students are expected to follow all polices and procedures outlined in the school handbook.  This can be found on the school website and at the following link.



 Here are the 5th grade outlines and expectations for the classroom 


Classroom Rules:




  • Be respectful of the rights, feelings, and property of others      ·
  • Have a positive attitude and try your best      ·
  • Be a good listener – one person speaks at a time, don't talk out of turn      ·
  • Raise your hand for permission to speak or leave your seat      ·
  • Follow all expectations outlined in the Lotus Student Handbook



Food/Water policy:



Snack Break and Water policy:  Students will have a fifteen minute break/snack time in the afternoon.  You are allowed to bring in a healthy snack from home (fruit, crackers, nuts, granola bars, etc.) during this time.  Students are allowed to have water only during class time throughout the day to drink if they need to.  The water bottle must be a clear see through bottle.  Students are only allowed to eat during the breakfast and snack time in the classroom.  Please clean up after yourself and make sure any trash gets into the trash bin.



Bathroom Use:



Students are permitted to use the bathroom if necessary during the day.  Please try to use the bathroom at appropriate times which include independent work time, break time, and your lunch and recess.  You must ask for permission and sign out on the bathroom sign sheet and take and  return the pass.  One boy and one girl may go at a time.  If you need to go the clinic because you are ill, you must first get permission and I will fill out a form for you to go.  The clinic will be closed everyday from 12:30 to 1:30.



Daily Schedule:


We will follow the daily outlined schedule.  There is a copy posted in the classroom and a copy handed out to each student.  I will let students know in advance if there are any changes.



Independent Reading Expectations Guidelines:

Reading is succeeding.   As Dr. Seuss wrote, the more you read the more you know, the more you know, the more places you will go.  Here are the guidelines for independent reading this year.  We will have twenty minutes every day of silent independent class reading time.  Students are expected to be reading during this time without talking or disruption. 

Students are expected to complete one book report each month on a book you have read.  This will need to be done outside of class time and turned in.  Specific format and requirements for the book report will be given to students.




Writing Expectations and Guidelines:

Writing equals your thinking.  We will be doing daily writing in class.  Students will keep a daily writer notebook and journal to complete each days writing task.   I will collect the notebooks weekly and check/grade for completion.  You will also have periodic graded writing assessments.




Part of being successful in school, is staying organized.  Students will need to have three labeled folders with lined paper for each of the following subjects:  LA/Writing, Social Studies, Homework Folder.  Students will also need a writers composition notebook.



Students need to keep their desk clean, neat, and organized.  All papers should be in the proper folder, not loose inside your desk.  This will help you with keeping track of assignments, handouts, etc.  Your desk will be checked periodically.  Any student that has a messy desk when checked will need to come into class during his or her recess to straighten and clean it out.  Desks should be cleared off and clean at the end of each day before you go home.   Each student will have his or her own cubby bin to keep supplies in as well.  Backpacks and coats should be hung up on the coat racks or placed in the corner of the room, please do not keep them at your desk because we they can get in the way. 




   Read for twenty minutes every night – complete reading log      

  • Weekly writing assignment       
  • Weekly spelling/vocabulary words to study
  • Language arts homework to reinforce concepts taught in class      
  • Social Studies work on occasion      ·
  • You should expect to have on average about 30 to 45 minutes of homework each night.      

You are expected to complete and turn in homework.   I will accept late homework for up to two days after it is due for partial credit.  After two days you will not receive credit for late homework.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your assignments and complete and turn them in on time. Homework will need to be turned in first thing in the morning in the turn in basket. We will go over and review homework during class time, most of the time it is your responsibility to self-grade and correct your work and check for understanding.  Please note that any student that has missing or outstanding assignments will complete them during the Fun Friday time.


Absence Policy:

Students are expected to make up any missed classwork/homework if they are absent.  You will have two days for every day you are absent to make up your work.  Please communicate with me if you know you are going to be absent ahead of time, and have your parents communicate directly with the elementary office if this is the case.



Behavior/Discipline Policy:

Students are expected to follow all rules outlined in the student handbook and uniform policy at all times during school as well as our class rules.  If students are not following these expectations the following steps will be followed.

:  You are expected to stop what you are doing and put your head on your desk and be silent for two minutes. (Consequence is a time out/warning)  After the two minutes you may put your head up and return to the classroom activity, hopefully making a better choice.STEP 1I will tell you

: you will put your head on your desk and be silent for four minutes plus you will fill out a refocus form.STEP 2If the behavior continues after STEP 1 (or you do not comply with STEP 1) I will ask you to go to

:  You will take a timeout from the classroom and need to fill out a reflection/refocus form which your parents will sign and there will be parent communication. STEP 3 If the behavior does not improve after STEP 2 you will go to

At my discretion, severe or excessive behavior disruptions behavior disruptions will be referred to administration.




Grading Expectations:

You overall grade will based on the following categories:


 Language Arts:

  • Homework:  Weekly grade daily points for completion      ·
  • Classwork/Participation      ·
  • Weekly Spelling/Vocabulary Tests:      ·
  • Unit Quizzes and Tests
  • Writing:
  • Homework: weekly writing prompt       ·
  • Writers Notebook: Weekly grade for completion in writers notebook      ·
  • Assessments: Periodic graded Writing Assessments       ·
  • Social Studies:
  • Classwork/Participation      ·
  • Projects      ·
  • Tests and Quizzes      ·
  • Graded returned work will be given back to students to go home weekly.  Tests and Assignments will be scored based on the points correct out of the total.  Rubrics and checklists will be given to students for certain writing assignments and projects.  Homework will be checked for completion and each student will self correct his or her own work as we go over answers in class.  Tests and quizzes will be based on the number of correct answers, and writing responses will be graded on a rubric.


Cell Phone Policy:

Students are not permitted to use cell phones during the school day.  Please make sure that your cell phone is on mute or turned off and stored in your backpack once you come into class for the day. If a student has their phone out during the day, I will take it and give it back to the student at the end of the day.  If there is a second offense, the phone will be taken and given to administration and a parent will need to physically retrieve the child’s phone from administration.  If parents should need to contact you for any reason during the day, they can always call the office to get in contact with you.



Birthdays and Celebrations:

 Treats can only be passed out during students lunch break, NOT during class time or in the classroom.  On special occasions we may have parties in the classroom.Do not bring in any food made with peanuts or peanut oil!To celebrate birthdays, we will have a short party on the last Friday at the end of the month to celebrate all students who have birthdays during that month.  If parents would like to bring in treats for the class for a child’s actual birthday, please make sure to co-ordinate to bring in enough for everyone.  (@25 students)