Maybe at Freshwater pearl beads church or community meetings? These people know you and will be very open to ask and compliment you on your style. It doesnt matter where you go, to the store, school, work, quilting class or the dentist, lots of people will see you, and if you want to boost your profits with your part time jewelry business, make sure they always see you at your best, wearing nice clothes, your hair looking beautiful, a smile on your face, and at all times, wearing your best jewelry.

Make sure to give your card to every person who asks about your jewelry.

  Maybe at school? If you are studying, your classes are full of other students and teachers that could be interested in your jewelry. Wear your pieces to club meetings, concerts, dinner parties, and other school activities.

  Maybe at the store? Shopping with your jewelry on will attract the attention of other people at the store.Are you in the jewelry business part time? Would you fancy selling a couple of pieces of jewelry every day? If your answer is yes, the secret is simple: wear your jewelry everywhere you go!

There are marketing opportunities virtually everywhere, and you will have the chance to profit from them if you are wearing some of your jewelry. You can even take a small display and make as if youre arranging it, to prompt questions from other patients waiting. They will promote you among their friends and other family members, starting a powerful chain reaction full of possibilities.

It is easy to sell a product once the potential customers are attracted towards it; it is just a matter of talking about its worth with enthusiasm. You can be sure many people will approach you to ask about it, and this is the perfect opportunity to market your business.
. In meetings and office appointments you may find people who do not have the time to shop for gifts or need a custom design, and this is your chance to get them to buy from you.

  Maybe at family gatherings or in outings with friends? There are no better people to pitch to than your family and friends to start selling big. There is a great chance someone will comment on the pieces you are wearing.

  Maybe in waiting rooms? While waiting at the office for a doctor or dentists appointment, wear an incredible piece of jewelry. If possible, include a small brochure or postcard, and make it easy for them to reach you at any time. You never know where your next sale can be:

  Maybe at work? During work hours you come in contact with dozens or hundreds of people daily.

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