Peaton Learning Coach Room

 Welcome to

 Your Humble Learning Coach 

I am a graduate student who has years of experience as a learning coach for Georgia Virtual Academy.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning and teaching experiences, as in these experiences I have been

 able to extend both my practical and theoretical knowledge.

I bring to you a Masters degree in Learning and Teaching with Technology.

 This allows me to bring technology into your learning program. I also bring my strengths which include:

 being a good listener; having great communication skills; and a variety of subject knowledge. I feel they are essential for this profession.

I am a hard working and enthusiastic person who thoroughly enjoys a challenge and the responsibility of

 being placed in them; I am a creative person who enjoys designing and making resources which can be

 used in planned activities. I enjoy individual challenges as well as working as a team member, as these give me a sense of fulfillment.

 What Can You Expect?

What can you expect from me? Education is very important for our children. We dream that one day

 they will grow-up to become a doctor or nurse. Who knows, maybe the next CEO; the next President of

 the United States? Whatever, your dreams are we as enablers, parents, and educators are responsible

 for helping children achieve their educational goals. Maybe you just want your child to be all that they

 can be. Yes, I wish that for them as well. With that I say to you… failure is not an option.

 Children are hardwired to be all that they can be. We must take charge and give those tools, resources,

 means, and love. You have already taken the first step congratulations!

Children are our greatest success!

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