Stand-Up Be Counted 6th Graders

Novel of the Month

"The Lord Of The Rings"

Part One

The Fellowship of the King

by J.R.R.Tolkien

The Fellowship of the Ring

DIRECTIONS: Choose one question from Section 1 and one question from Section 2. Answer

the question in a one-paragraph response. Write your answers in your Reading Notebook.

Section 1

A. Explain how the concept of prejudice serves as one of the themes in The Fellowship of the Ring.

B. What does The Fellowship of the Ring teach about the nature of power?

Section 2

A. Who is the most dedicated character in The Fellowship of the Ring? Provide sufficient

evidence to support your choice.

B. Frodo is an unlikely hero. Demonstrate how Frodo proves his heroism throughout

Fellowship of the Ring.


Class Work Assignments for 2009/2010 School Year      Good Luck!    Please be sure to let me know when a subject is done.

World History                                    Language gun/comp      Math

Unit 9


Unit 3


Lesson 11 three great thinkers

Lesson 3 Indirect objects

Lesson 1 ten


Lesson 15 Assment

Lesson 4 transitive

Lesson 2 system


Unit 10

Lesson 6 nominatives

Lesson 7mutipling


Lesson 7 something new

Lesson 5 linking verbs

Lesson9 dividing


Lesson 8 Rome Judea

Lesson 7 review

Lesson 10 estimation


Lesson 9 Jesus

Lesson 8 assement

Lesson 11 review


Lesson 10 religion

Unite 4

Lesson 12 assement


Lesson 11Christmas

Lesson4 review

Unit 4


Lesson 12 crisis

Lesson 4 assement

Lesson 2 segments


Lesson 14 barbarrions

Unite 5

Lesson 4 angles


Lesson 15 who were they

Lesson 1 prepositions 

Lesson 7 polygons


Lesson 16 review

Lesson 2 conjunctions

Lesson 8 part 1


Lesson 17 Assement

Lesson 3 speech

Lesson 9 part 2


Unit 11

Lesson 4review

Lesson 12 review


Lesson 1  Beauty

Lesson 5 unite assements

Lesson 13 assement


Lesson 2 Theodora

Unite 6

Unit 5


Lesson 3 Islam

Lesson 1 phrases

Lesson 3 square


Lesson 4 emerges

Lesson 2 adverb

Lesson 8sets


Lesson 5 empire

Lesson 3 appositives

Lesson 9opperations


Lesson 6 storytellers

Lesson 4 review



Lesson 7more

Lesson 5 assement

Lesson 11assement


Lesson 9 mapping

Unit 7

Unit 6


Lesson10 salt

Lesson 2 compound

Lesson 2fractions


Lesson 11a man

Lesson3 run-on

Lesson 3mixed


Lesson 12 optional

Lesson5 assement

Lesson 4part 2


Lesson 13 review

Unit 8

Lesson 6comparing


Lesson 14 assement


Lesson 7 changing


Unit 12

Lesson2 irregular

Lesson 8 relating


Lesson 1 to turn


Lesson9 assment


Lesson 3 charlemage

Unit 9

Unit 7


Lesson 4 gods

Lesson 1 pronouns

Lesson10 part 1


Lesson11 faith

Lesson 2 nominatives

Lesson 11 part 2


Lesson 12 conflict

Lesson 3 object

Lesson 12proportions


Lesson 13 monarchs

Lesson 4 perceptions

Lesson13 using


Lesson 14 justice

Lesson 5 problems

Lessing 14 scale drawing


Lesson 15power

Lesson 6 antecentes



Lesson 16 review

lesson 7review

Lesson 16assment


Lesson 17 assement

Lesson 8assment