Sr. Peña-Herrera/ Ms. Cole:  5th grade Dual Immersion

Heritage Elementary School

      * Mr. Peña-Herrera and Ms. Cole are available every morning before school for your children to come to class early and finish homework, ask questions about homework and attend to other classroom business.  Mr. Peña-Herrera is also available after school for approximately 45 minutes for students to work on their homework, and obtain assistance if necessary.   

Please Note Everyday Homework for Ms. Cole:

  Read 30 minutes in English and discuss the book with someone.

  Have parent review homeowrk for completion and sign planner. 

Monday Nov. 10,  2008  


Language Arts:         











Tuesday Nov. 11, 2008


Language Arts :                  



Math :                                






Wednesday Nov. 12, 2008


Language Arts :     5 sentences with suffixes that form adjectives 




Math:                    Page 58 odds. 



Lectura:                Read in English and Spanish


Thursday Nov. 13, 2008


 Language Arts:        Sentences using basic and difficult words



Math:                         Page 60 odds                






Lectura:              Read in English and Spanish


Friday Nov. 14, 2008


Language Arts:        3 sentences with bueno-mejor and 3 sentences with malo-peor 



 Math:                      Page 62 odds






Lectura:                 Read in English and Spanish