About the Teacher

Ms. Whitney Pendergrass is the 3rd-5th grade Functional Skills teacher at Chimneyrock Elementary, located in Cordova, TN.

Prior to her position at Chimneyrock, Ms. Pendergrass taught 5th grade Math and Science at Horn Lake Intermediate School, located in Horn Lake, MS.

Ms. Pendergrass is a 2014 graduate of The University of Memphis. Her field of study was in the area of both special education K-12 and elementary education K-6. During her college years, Ms. Pendergrass was selected as the Special Educator Student of the year in 2014. She also completed a year of residency experience in the functional skills classroom at Arlington Middle School, located in Arlington, TN. 

"Every student can learn; just not on the same day or in the same way."  - George Evans

Ms. Pendergrass wishes to be the teacher known and remembered for making a difference. She will always consider the needs of each student throughout every aspect of their time in her classroom. 


Why Teaching?

Ms. Pendergrass has a passion for witnessing students grow as young people, both academically and socially. Her passion began while she was in third grade and new to the school. Her teacher paired her with a student, Matthew, who had cerebral palsy. From third grade up until graduation from high school, she remained a close friend and right hand woman to her special friend. The year following her graduation from high school, Matthew passed away. After his passing, Matthew's mother suggested that she consider a career devoting time and effort to see others like Matthew have success in life. Ms. Pendergrass changed her major from criminal justice to education the following semester.