Frequently Used Websites

Warning: if you go to a website and want to come back to this page, do not close the website window when you are done. You need to use the back button and it will take you back here.


EDMODO- Use this site to take quizzes.

KHAN ACADEMY- Use this site to complete independent practice in math and to learn new things. See how many points you can earn. Can you beat the teacher?

PRODIGY- Use this site to practice math in fun ways. This is a great site for reviewing and practicing skills you have already learned.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM- Use this sit to complete assignments posted by your teacher.      

DUOLINGO- Use this site to learn another language.

READWORKS- Use this site to complete informational articles assigned by your teacher.

NEWSELA- Use this site to read fascinating articles about current events.

CODE.ORG- Use this site to learn how to code. Lots and lots of fun activities can be found here.

REMIND.COM- Use this site to contact me and to receive important information.

POWERSCHOOL- Use this site to check your grades and to make sure you do not have any missing assignments.

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