Teen Living 1 class description


    This class consists of several areas in the Family and Consumer Science Program.  It will focus on resource management, management, shopping skills, fitness/wellness, food safety and sanitation, meal management, basic food and meal preparation, and careers.
    This class has a $15.00 lab fee. Some students have already paid this fee at registration.  If you haven’t paid this fee please bring it to class  as soon as possible. This fee needs to be paid before we can cook.  You need to bring an apron to use in class.  If you don’t have an apron, please bring a note signed by a parent. After  I verify this note, I will be glad to loan you an apron to use in class.
    There will be several Free-Days in this class.  On these days, each kitchen will have an opportunity to choose something to cook.  All supplies for the recipe they are making that day need to be brought from home.  The only food supplies from the lab they can use that day are vanilla, salt, baking powder, and baking soda.  There may be 2 or 3 of these Free-Days for the trimester.
    The students are encouraged to cook at home for extra credit.  There is a sheet that they may pick-up in class to record the items they cook at home.  At the end of the trimester, please return the sheet to me, signed by a parent at the bottom of the form.
    We are going to learn to cook many fun and delicious food items.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me 7:45-9:30  or 3:10-3:45 p.m. at 359-3310, extension 3138.

      I have read the information on my student’s Teen Living-1 class.  I realize that it is necessary to pay a $15.00 lab fee.  I will provide an apron or a note for my student.
                                          Student’s signature-----------------------------------
                                          Parent’s signature-------------------------------------
    Please return this portion of this letter to me with you student within the next 3 days.                
                                                        Thank you,

                         Mrs. Pennock