Teen Living 2 class description

 Some of the things that are covered in the Teen Living 2 class are:
  • grooming
  • fibers to fabrics
  • line, design, texture, color
  • stitching charts
  • sewing equipment, the correct names, and the proper use of each item
  • sewing machine parts, the correct name and what the parts do
  • be able to name the parts on our machines
  • be able to wind the bobbin, thread machine, select the proper stitches for the garment, remove and replace needle, bring up the bobbin thread, etc.
  • there are a few videos that help with the introduction of these things in the dept.
  • projects furnished by the department-
  • scissor case - felt to practice 1/4" seam
  • pouch- cotton to sew 5/8" seams, reverse and to learn how to do a casing
  • make-up case -quilted fabric with bias tape-to learn how to put on velcro and bias tape
  • pencil case -denim with zipper-to learn how to put in a zipper and work on heavier fabric
  • pillow- to sew pillows to learn how to do hand work and sew a front and back together and stuff an item
  • mittens- to learn how to sew on fleece

Projects furnished by the students:
  • boxers, shorts or pj pants
  • t-shirt
  • final projects