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As we all know, Shanghai Yadu Plastics mainly produces flame-retardant fabrics and fire-retardant fabrics. For those outside the industry, plastic woven fabrics can also have a fire-proof effect. Can fire-retardant fabrics be fireproof?

A flame-retardant cloth is a cloth that can be automatically extinguished within 12 seconds of leaving the open flame even if it is lit by an open flame. According to the order of addition of the flame retardant materials, the flame retardant cloth and the post-treated flame retardant cloth are separately treated.
GB8965-2009 is the new Chinese tarpaulin company national flame retardant service standard;
Standard GA10-91 Chinese Firefighters General Protective Clothing Performance Requirements and Test Methods The standard of firefighters' general protective clothing issued by the Ministry of Public Security of China.
EN531: EU industrial thermal protective clothing standards for the overall performance of flame retardant clothing, structural design, dimensional stability, flame extension, heat and ablation of metal functions, size symbols and gimmicks, user information, identification of pictures and other content made rules. EN470-1: European Union welders and similar types of thermal protective clothing specifications rules the design requirements, material requirements, safety requirements, size symbols and gimmicks, user information, identification drawings, etc. EN479 EU Fire Protective Clothing Code This specification regulates the specification of structural fire and fire protective clothing. The tarpaulin primary consideration is to protect against heat and flame. This specification does not cover special tasks such as shovel spills, forest fires, close fire fighting, road trip assistance, or special fire protection. Specifications include overall requirements, important safety requirements, additional requirements, symbol gimmicks, user information and identification drawings. NFPA 2112: American Fire Protection Association Flash Fire Protection Clothing Specification The American Fire Protection Association makes rules for industrial flash fire flame retardant protective clothing in the following aspects: product symbol, user information, clothing design, fiber, stitching, accessories , signage.

Shanghai Yadu Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of fire-retardant fabrics, fire-retardant fabrics, fire-retardant fabrics and fire-retardant fabrics. The company uses pe, pp coated woven fabrics, color-printed paper and plastic, and aluminum composites. The processing and production of blown woven bags and embossed printing is the main business. For a long time, our company has won the favor of domestic and foreign customers with domestic advanced technology. I look forward to your visit.