Mr. Petrini's class website (Grades 9-12).


Students and parents, please use this website to guide you through our class during the school year.

Main topics for each grade level include-

Grade 9- Drugs/Medicine and LGBT issues 

                Test on November 3 (Friday) on depressants/illicit drugs (20% of class grade)

       (Tyler Clementi/Rutgers New Brunswick hate crime)


Grade 10- CPR 

                Actual testing on CPR manikins on Nov 2 and Nov 3 (50% of class grade)

                Remember- 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths 

       (CPR training video)


Grade 11- Driving certification (written test)

                Driving test on Dec. 15 (Wed) (50% of class grade)

                Key safety points- Always use a blinker 100 ft. before the turn and keep a safe space cushion between the car in front of you.


Grade12- Exploration/Self-Learning

                 Paper due on Dec. 14 (Tu).  Students are to write a 3-4 page paper on what they plan to do after they graduate high school.  This can be written on anything from wanting to travel somewhere, going to school and what occupation he/she chooses to pursue.  If writing about a job, please also write about a second possible job he/she may want to pursue, a fallout plan.  Please double space the paper. (30% of marking period grade).