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Hello and welcome to Reading in the Content Area Part 1
Here, you will embark on a thorough study of various topics that are of major concern and interest in the areas of reading and writing instruction in the content areas.  Such topics include before, during, and after-reading strategies; writing strategies, as well as assessment methods that provide continual feedback on students’ progress and achievement.

Orientation Module – Greetings, expectations, and what we know and think about reading.

Face to Face Session 1 – Vocabulary and Informational Text

Online Module 1 – Motivational Strategies, Vocabulary

Online Module 2 – Before Reading Strategies

Online Module 3 - During Reading Strategies

Face to Face Session 2 – Question and answer session, Assessments, Differentiation, Grouping

Online Module 4 - After Reading Strategies

Project Module – Collaboration, Time for Final Projects

Face to Face Session 3 - Culminating Session (Face to face)

Each module contains a series of online readings, online discussions, and related activities. 

Throughout the course, participants research, gather, and assemble information that culminates into a final project. The final project is a complete unit of study incorporating all of the topics covered through-out this course, that will help students comprehend the subject matter and apply their understanding in a meaningful way.
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