Mrs. Gibbons ELA-10-1

English Language Arts 10-1 
January 31, 2011                                                                        Mrs. P. Gibbons 
English Language Arts 10-1 is the first of three 5-credit courses required for the high school advanced diploma.  The course is designed to develop and refine communication skills in the areas of writing, reading, and viewing, speaking, and listening. TEXTS:
  1. SightLines 10  (short story anthology)
  2. To Kill A Mockingbird ( novel)
  3. “Romeo and Juliet”  (Shakespearean Drama)
  UNITS OF STUDY: 1. The Short Story (January 31 – February 23)  
-The oral tradition                                          -theme -Photograph analysis/cartoons                        -character -Formal writing                                               -plot -Poem stories/ballads                                     -setting -Oral interpretations of a poem                      -atmosphere -Sentence structure                                         -point of view -Autobiography                                               -imagery -Interviewing                                                   -irony -escaping/interpretative fiction                        -the essay EVALUATION:  Writing Assignments (Interpretive Questions, and Journal Entries   25% Daily Writes, Word Study/Work [Vocabulary and Author’s Literary    Techniques and Elements]                                                          25%                              Essay                                                                                                 25%                              Unit Test                                                                                           25%  2. Poetry (February 24 - March 11) -compression/epithet                           -simile/metaphor-Theme                                                -personification-poetry/prose                                       -imply/infer-Rhythm                                               -free verse-literal/figurative meaning                    -diction/denote/connote EVALUATION: Poetry Package [How to Analyze Poems, Literary Devices andWord Study/ Daily Writes/Interpretive Questions and Journal Response   Entries]                                                            40%Creative Writing [Poem(s)]                                                                        10%                             Poetry Unit Test                                                                             15%3. Novel Study: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (March 14 - April 11) -Background information                    -theme-Character                                           -plot-Setting                                                 -relevance to our lives EVALUATION:  Character Analysis            Assignment                                                     10%                              Journal Response Entries/Daily Writes/Quizzes                           20%                              Essay                                                                                             25%                              Unit Test                                                                                       25%                         4. Drama Study: Romeo and Juliet (Shakespearean Drama) (April 26- May 27)  -The Globe Theatre     -Shakespearean Drama- The Tragedy- Blank Verse  EVALUATION: Quotes Assignment                                                                                    20%                             Essay                                                                                              30%                             Journal Response Entries                                                               20%                             Unit Test                                                                                        30%  *5. Literature Circles Assignment                                                                              30%- Independent novel study unit- Novel study package  6. Media and The Feature Film Study (May 30- June 17) -what kind of viewer are you?                                      -analysis of a film-Your viewing preference                                            -writing a film review-genre-how to view a movie-literary, dramatic, and cinematic EVALUATION: Assignment # 1 (Questions/Journal Response Entries)                  25%                             Asignment # 2  The Feature Film                                                  25% Course Evaluation:A class mark will be based on the cumulative average of each essay, assignment, journal response, daily writes quizzes and unit tests. A student’s final grade will be calculated using the following formula:1. Cumulative average of the semester’s marks - 70%2. Final Exam                                                    - 30%                                                                          100%