Formative Assessment:

Students will be responsible for creating and maintaining an electronic portfolio of their progress throughout this unit. Creativity is of course encouraged, but the portfolio itself must have the following components:

  • Weekly journal reflection
  • Personal learning goals and the steps being taken to achieve them
  • Current events section (relating material covered in class to the outside world and community)
  • Feedback and suggestions (on the unit exercises)

For further details please feel free consult your e-portfolio rubric

 Summative Assessment:

The culminating project of this unit, will be a class fair showcasing all students have learned. Other classes in the building, along with community members will be invited to this event, to see how we as a collective society can live a better life together. Students will be divided into teams for this assignment, and each group will be responsible for a different aspect of this assignment. Everyone will receive a class grade as well as an individual grade that will ultimately be averaged.

Again, for more details on grading please feel free to consult your Utopias/dystopias fair rubric

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