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Mrs. Pharis
5th Grade ELA
Mandarin Oaks Elementary 
904-620-5820 ext. 2148


Please check & initial your child's planner each day for daily communication.


  • Read 30 minutes
  • Fill in daily activity
  • students are expected to complete at least TWO Achieve 3000 reading lessons  per week. This is part of the new expectation of reading at least EIGHT articles with at least 75% or better per month. The reading program will help build students' literacy skills, as they read and respond to high-interest nonfiction articles.


Upcoming Events

August 31 - Early dismissal
September 5 - Labor Day - no school
September 14 - Early dismissal
September 28 - Early dismissal


Helpful  Hints...

To access Achieve 3000:
  • Go to http://www.duvalschools.org 
  • Then click on upper left corner on popular links
  • Then click on Blended Learning. 
  • This will take you to all the Duval County links.
  •  First link is Achieve 3000.

Students are required to complete the following steps when completing a lesson in Achieve 3000:

1) Respond to the Before Reading Poll

2) Read the Article  take notes as they read

3) Do the Activity Questions

4) Respond to the After Reading Poll

5) Answer the Thought Question (They are expected to write in paragraph form, using complete sentences, and to include specific text evidence.)


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