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Nightly Homework

Homework for Sept. 18, 2019


1. Weekly Word Work due Wednesday

2. Editing: "Scruvy" Complete Paragraph 3 only

3. Comprehension Check: She Climbed to the Top

Social Studies

1. Study for the Quiz on Thursday, Review the map, Review handouts, Make a study guide


Homework for Sept. 17, 2019


1. Weekly Word Work is due tomorrow. 

2. Editing: "Scurvy" Complete Paragraph 2 only

3. Comprehension Check: Talking Otters

Social Studies

1. Complete labeling and coloring map of South Asia


Homework for Sept. 16, 2019


1. Editing: "Scurvy" Complete Paragraph 1 only

2. Comprehension Check: Kids Create Safety Laws


Homework for Sept. 12, 2019


1. Editing: complete the page

2. Comprehension: Creatures Great and Small

3. Complete all questions from Sections 1 & 2 of JLS. Be sure to answer the questions completely.


Homework for Sept. 10, 2019


1. Editing: Paragraph two only

2. Complete comprehension questions from Jonathan Livingston Seagull

3. Weekly word work is due tomorrow

Social Studies

1. Interview is due tomorrow. 

2. Complete Bio/Quote on GoogleDocs


Homework for Sept. 9, 2019

This homework is due tomorrow, Sept. 10

1. Editing: Paragraph One Only: "A Sticky Business"

2. Reading/Comprehension: "Rocket Man" Complete the packet...Do not do the Write On portion as we discussed in class

This homework is due Wednesday, Sept. 11

1. Word Work - This is a weekly assignment so plan your week accordingly. 

2. Interview: "Why do we study history?"

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