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Week of September 30-

Dear Learning Community:

I want to wish all of our families who celebrate Rosh HaShanah a l'shana tova or a good year! May it be a sweet one!

This week, we have begun our second book entitled, Touching Spirit Bear. Without giving much away, this book will challenge students to make wise choices and how to let go of anything that tries to hold us back. Students will have many discussions about this book so it is imperative that your student is reading the assigned chapters and be ready to add to the book talk in class. Some days there will be a writing assignment based upon the book and other days may include a share out, some physical activities, a writing assignment, a quiz, and even some acting out of a scene. If your child did not read that night, it will be very evident and your child may be asked to leave the room to complete the reading, but will miss very important concepts shared in class. 

In social studies students are wrapping up our unit on Southern Asia. There will be a group project that will be completed in class commencing tomorrow. 

At Open House I mentioned giving students a choice to what they will be reading this year. Students looked at Scholastic Book flyers and chose three books that they are interested in reading. These books will be used in conjunction with our core novels with students leading the book discussions. Your student will need to choose any two of the three books mentioned below and can either obtain a copy from the local library or purchase them online using the Scholastic Books link below. The cost is minimal for two books but well worth the investment. The link below for Scholastic Books will allow you to order the book and use a credit card when ordering. Please use our classroom code so that we can obtain some new books for our classroom library. This is the only time that I order from Scholastic in the year, so you will not be inundated with requests and flyers. If you are having any financial hardships, please notify me and I will find a way to get the books into your child's hands. 

Book titles that were chosen are as follows: Fear Zone, Thirteen Chairs, and The Creep. Remember that you only need to order two out of the three books. 

Our first field trip has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 29th  to Boda Borg, in Malden, MA. This is a great trip and allows students to build self-confidence by teaming with others to escape from various rooms using clues. A permission form was sent home for you to review. We also ask that students return the Student Information forms that were sent home previously so we can ensure that your child's information is accurate and that we know the best way to contact you, should the need ever arise.

 If you should have any questions or if there is anything that I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask. The best way to reach me is via email at phillip.chevalier@tyngsboroughps.org

With kind regards,
Phill Chevalier

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