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Scholastic Books

Scholastic Book Club

Our class will participate in Scholastic Book Club for September only.This is the best chance to get some fantastic books to read that will be used throughout this year in our classroom.

This year, we are trying something new. We will keep our three core novels that seem to be a right of passage for 7th grade. We will then have students choose the other three books that we will use this year to read together. These books will be ordered through Scholastic as was stated on the supply list. The main purpose for this change is to empower students with choosing books that interest them. Studies have shown that students who are engaged in reading become better readers. Literature that students can connect to have a greater purpose and students pay better attention and actually enjoy the entire process.

For seventh graders, I highly recommend  checking out the TAB and TEEN flyers, which contain many options for young adult readers. There are so many new titles to choose from as well. There is also a huge benefit for our September order. If we order $300 worth of books, we will receive over 10,000 points and lots of other benefits including several free books to choose from. This will greatly help replenish and rebuild our classroom library.

You can use the link below to access the Scholastic website and browse through the many flyers. Just be sure to use the classroom code: NBG3Y.

Happy Reading!

Get 2 Months for $5!