There is many different types of Dualism but the most common type is called Cartesian dualism. This type states that there is two different matters: Physical and Mental. The brains and bodies of the people is considered to be the physical matter whereas the minds and souls are considered to be the non-physiacl/mental matter. Even though the mind and brain are different they can still interact. "There is a vast difference between the mind and body, in that body....is always divisible, while the mind is completely indivisible." Smile

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One of the weaknesses of Dualism is that the theory does not properly explian how the interaction between the physical and non-physical occur and how it happens. It is explianed that for a physical reaction to happen there has to be a physical cause, but dualism does not explian this. Dualism states that the mind and brain are different objects but when the brain changes it does not have an effect on the mind or how they connect. Laughing