Materialism claims that the mental state is really the physical state of the brain. For an example if a person is in physical pain (a cut on the leg), they will experience the pain through the mind/brain. Materialism states that when you are working or reading the left side of the brain is doing less work whereas the right side of the brain is doing nearly all the work. The left side of the brain is essentially for your language and analysis. Materialists say that we know that matter exist but there is no proof that it doesn't. So the overall veiw on the nature of mind is that we can only think in the physical areas of the universe. Laughing


  • No problem of how the brain and mind interact because Materialist believe that the mental states are the brain states;that the mind and brain are one and the same thing.
  • This theory fits in with the study of Neuroscience
  • As it relies on the physical brain, people can study the brain directly rather then observing the behaviour to discover the truths of the brain.
  • By scanning the brain, it can be reassured a person has one brain Cool