Essay: Changing For PE Class 


You are a Physical Education teacher in a New York City high school.  Your principal has asked you if you want all of your students to change into a physical education uniform in order to participate in class.  She has asked you to discuss the various advantages and concerns associated with requiring your students to change and type up your report. 



You are to write an essay explaining the various advantages and concerns of having students change for class.  Your essay should include, but is not limited to the following guidelines:

  1.  Discuss 3 advantages of having students change for physical education class.
  2.  Explain the concerns that you would have if students were NOT required to change for physical education class? (i.e. injury, hygiene, safety…)
  3. Discuss the issues that would need to be addressed before your school decides to require changing for class? (locker room availability, shared space among schools, safety, supervision of students….)
  4. Consider all of the above variables and come to a decision of whether or not your school should require it’s students to change.  Be sure to provide the details that you feel were most important to you in coming to this decision.


Once you have completed your essay, email it to me at, or Mr. Greenberg @  You can also hand in your typed essay to us at any time.   if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.


Mr. Fudens

Mr. Greenberg