Fall 2016: MP1 – Which Sport Requires More Skill: Soccer or Baseball?


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Assignment Title:  “Fall 2016: MP1 – Which Sport Requires More Skill: Soccer or Baseball?”

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Skill:    -the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice and aptitude, to do something well.

                -competent and excellence in performance



All sports ae characterized by the necessity to acquire and exhibit various skills and those skills differ from sport to sport.  While people may need to learn more skills in some sports, other sports require one to learn very technical skills.




               Read the following articles that discuss the various skills needed to learn to play both baseball and soccer.  Then, using information from the text, write an argumentative paper addressing the prompt below.  Please feel free to do additional research on this topic, but if you do, be sure to properly cite your resources.



Which Sport Requires More Skill: Soccer or Baseball?


 In your essay, be sure to

  • establish a precise and credible position that responds appropriately to the prompt.
  • explain your position with claim(s), reasons, and evidence from the texts.
  • analyze explicit ideas/information from texts and interpret the authors’ meaning and purpose.
  • refer to sources when appropriate.
  • discuss and respond to counterclaim(s) or alternate claims and/or evidence.
  • represent content from reading materials accurately.
  • order ideas and information within and across paragraphs and uses appropriate transitional words/phrases in a way that allows the audience to follow the argument.
  • include a conclusion that supports the position.
  • use language and tone appropriate to the audience and purpose.
  • demonstrate a command of standard English conventions.

Article 1: Skills Required for a Baseball Player



Article 2:  Basic Baseball Skills Children Need To Learn



Article 3:  Basic Soccer Skills



Article 4:  Soccer Skills