My Favorite Exercises

Mr. Fudens

Physical Education

Spring Break Assignment:  My Favorite Exercises



            You are to write an essay discussing 3 of your favorite exercises.  Simply choose 3 of your favorite exercises out the ones that we do in class and then write a 1 to 2 page typed essay on them.  For each exercise, be sure to include:

  1. The exercise’s name
  2. Which area of the body the exercise works
  3. The necessary equipment needed to perform this exercise
  4. Describe how to correctly perform this exercise, carefully noting the position of various parts of one’s body
  5. Why you like performing this exercise

Your essay should be as long as it takes to fully answer all questions and use correct essay format (Introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs).  Also, be sure to be as detailed as possible while answering  the various sections. 

This is due Wednesday April,  3rd and all essays must be typed, unless you would like to email it to me at

p.s. Be sure to spell and grammar check your work.