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All Aspects of the GATE Exam

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, which is a national examination conducted jointly by the IISc, Bangalore, and some other seven institutes of Technology located at Kharagpur, Madras, Delhi, Roorkee, Kanpur, Bombay, and Guwahati from the National coordination Board, Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, and Government of India. 

Who is eligible for GATE? 

To get qualified for GATE, there are some mandatory requirements for all proceeding of admissions or offer some financial assistance to: 

  • Master degree programs & Doctoral in technology or Architecture or Engineering
  • Doctoral in some relevant fields such as Arts and Science, supported by the Ministry of Education and other agencies of government. 
  • In some other educational institutes as well as colleges, they can admit students with no assistantship or scholarship of MoEand the qualification of GATE is compulsory. Furthermore, most of the Public Sector Undertakings use the score of GATE in the process of recruitment. 
  • There is no age limit as prescribed.

The schedule for GATE

The exam of the GATE Physics Practice Test is conducted once in an annual year and conducted in February. The notifications for this GATE exam are published in September in the Employment News in the Weekly journal. 

The scheme of the test for GATE

The exam is conducted online, based on computer test mode, where the candidates will see all the questions on the desktop screen. The exam comprises three hours and there are around 65 questions in it with hundred marks as available in Gate Physics Books. As the exam is conducted online, the computer will turn off the screen automatically when the time is up. 

A virtual calculator is provided on the desktop during the exam. Candidates need to use the same in the exam and other devices like phones, electronics, wristwatches, and personal calculators are not allowed in any case while entering into the examination hall.

The pattern of the GATE exam 

The GATE exam is all online and the candidates can see all the questions on the computer screen. The exam duration will be of three hours and it includes Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, andNumerical type.

The design of the Exam 

The questions available in the paper are designed to evaluate some abilities such as recall, comprehension, application, and analysis as well as synthesis. All these categories analyze all the knowledge and understanding of a person based on principles, formulae, fundamental issues, logical reasoning,and other common data questions. You can easily get all these GATE Physics Study materials offline and online or can join GATE Physics coaching.