Physiotherapy in Surrey - Exceptional Rehabilitation Services

At Pure Life Physiotherapy in Surrey, we aim at helping our patients improve the quality of life by taking care of their acute physical rehabilitation needs. Our physiotherapists help in designing long-term fitness programs suited to individuals and their particular condition. Our clients often start with physiotherapy, but then they move to independent exercises that are created to enhance their wellness. We have numerous fun programs that focus on group fitness as well as one-on-one individual training. You can choose your program to meet your specific goals and meet your fitness level. Our highly experienced physiotherapists are experienced in treating a wide range of sports injuries and evaluate athletic conditioning. Athletes and sportsmen work with a physiotherapist to avoid injuries and stay pain-free. Our services range from sports therapy and concussion assessment to dry needling and posture analysis. Some of our group medical plans may be covered by insurance, and these plans include weight loss, low back pain, cardiac rehab, arthritis, and joint pain. We have two Pure Life Physiotherapy clinics operating in Surrey, BC. Both of the clinics are modern, spacious, clean, and equipped with advanced facilities to give you personalized care and rehabilitation services. Our motive to reduce patient’s discomfort and help with their mobility as quickly as possible. Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre 13737 96 Ave #702, Surrey, BC V3V 0C6 (604) 496-4325
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