Rules & Consequences


  -We will be sending home school rules and regulations at Open House and the first few days of school. Once we receive those, I will also post them on this site. 

  -We have been following PBIS. Below, is part of a letter that was sent home the previous year, explaining how we use PBIS. I will update this when we receive more information.


            Agenda books will be sent home every day. It is important that you check these agenda’s each night when your child gets home from school so that you can see how their behavior was for the day and if there are any notes from your child’s teacher. We ask that you sign your name anywhere in the day’s box after checking the book. You may also write notes in the agenda book if there is something you would like to communicate to your child’s teacher; we check them every morning.           


         Some parents have been asking about the PBIS system Pines Elementary uses. We want to explain this so it is clear for you. PBIS represents “School-wide Behavioral Support” and is a positive behavior system that helps maximize success for all students. Every day we put in the agendas which level your child finished the day on. There are five levels (green – red or 4 – 0) to the program. Below is a description of each level:

Green (4) - Each child starts every day on green; they are on task. No more than one warning was given.

Blue (3) - If the teacher has to speak to the child twice and is given 2 warnings.

Yellow (2) - If the teacher speaks to the child again they are moved to yellow and will be “bounced” to another first grade classroom for about 15 minutes so they can cool down and regroup.

Purple (1) - If the child comes back from their bounce and is still not behaving correctly they will have an office referral sent to the office describing their actions.

Red (0) - This will be when the child is sent to the office and action is taken by an administrator.


If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please contact your child’s teacher. We appreciate your cooperation this year!


First Grade Teachers