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Welcome Students!

My name is Mrs. Piggy.  I am going to be your 2nd grade teacher for the gifted. I am very excited to each you and give you some knowledge. My students will not be doing much for the first week. there is a Homework tab that tells you what the assignment are for the week. I will sometimes post early. I will want my students to ask me questions if needed, don't be shy. Parents, you can ask me question too, any, even if it is silly.


- Be on time

- Listen and pay attention in class

- Don't goof around

- Don't be disruptive, be polite

- No negative language towards other and your peers


- 5 folders (red, green, blue, purple, and blue) (doesn't have to be prong folder)

- 150 sheets of Wide ruled notebook paper

- 4 different color highliters

- Pack of 12 ticonderago pencils

- Pencil bag and backpack

- Four glue sticks

- Pack of colorpencils

- Red and green pen


- Tissue boxes

- Wiping wipes

- Ruled noteboke paper

- Gluesticks and colors