What the class does in class

Week One:

Day 1:

- put the different color highliters, 4 ticondergo pencils, 2 gluesticks, and red and green pen in pencil bag

- put the rest of the ticonderago pencils, glue sticks, and the pack of colorpencil in your desk

- put label stickers on folders 

            - Red (Math)

            - Purple (Social Studies)

            - Green (Science)

            - Blue (Language Arts)

- put friday folder in cubby

- put loose-leaf wide ruled paper in cubby

- put donations in specific area

- I will go over the classroom rules and the classroom

- played math game, getting to know you worksheet, played more school games

- Started working on the worksheet - "about me" 


- design a poster about you're self -> format instructions in class

- learning even and odd (MATH)

- reviewing noun-verb-adjecticve -> learning adverb 

- read about George Washington ->answer some questions