Pimtas pipe and fittings

One of the most important and most in-demand products of Pimtas company is Pimtas pipe and fittings. Pimtas pipes, fittings and valves are produced in various plastic materials such as UPVC, polypropylene and HDPE, in all dimensions and at different pressures. These pipes and fittings have various applications and uses, including water piping systems, sewage piping, telecommunication cables, water park piping, etc.

Pimtas UPVC pipe fittings

UPVC pipes and fittings

Among the types of pipes and fittings produced by Pimtas, UPVC pipes and fittings are much more popular. Especially in the field of water piping.
UPVC pipes and fittings are gray in color and made of hardened plastic (UPVC).
PIMTAS UPVC pipe fittings have many applications, especially in sanitary water piping, due to their various advantages such as :

  • high physical and chemical resistance
  • easy installation
  • no sedimentation
  • fire resistance
  • no scratches and abrasion

, etc.

Among these applications, we can mention the plumbing of home pools, large public pools, professional pools, water parks, etc.