What is Pimtas?!

Pimtas Turkey is one of the largest suppliers of plastic construction materials in the world, especially in the Middle East. Craftsmen and plumbers have probably heard a lot about the company. Among the important products of Pimtas Company, we can mention all kinds of plastic pipes and fittings, all kinds of connection cement, all kinds of plastic hoses, all kinds of pool equipment and all kinds of pool accessories.


The company, which officially started operating in early 1978, now operates with 4 large production units in four separate factories, with more than 500 specialized employees, near the Turkish city of Gabze.
Many European, African and Asian countries, numbering more than 150, are consumers of pimtas products. For this reason, Pimtas Company has many sales agents around the world. To receive Pimetash agency, you can refer to Pimtas official website and find out the conditions for obtaining agency.

Pimtas product