Current events

CST Testing

Starting on Tuesday, May 3rd, our class will be beginning California State Testing.  The students will be testing from 8:30 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. daily.  Please ensure your student gets a good night sleep, eats breakfast, and is ready to do their best on the test.  This is your student's opportunity to show everyone how much they have learned this school year! 

Box Tops 

Our class is currently collecting box tops to raise money for our school.  Please save your box tops and send them in with your student.  Thank you to Destiny's family who sent in a HUGE amount this week to get our class started.  PTA is funding a class party to the classroom who collects the most.  We are well on our way to a win and a lot of money for Woodcrest! 




Interventions started for eight of our students right after winter break.  They are coming every morning, except Wednesdays,  at 7:30 A.M. to get an extra session of SuccessMaker in the hopes of reaching our grade level goal.  

All of the students are working hard on SuccessMaker everyday to reach third grade proficiency.  Your student is getting weekly feedback on how close they are to reaching our grade level goals.  Many students have already reached their third grade proficiency goal and are working on fourth grade standards!  Way to go!  Be sure to ask your student how many more sessions they need to reach our third grade goal!

Oceans of the World

Your student is currently working on an 6 week unit about the oceans.  The students will be learning about the oceans and how the animals and plants adapt to survive in their environment.  Please talk to your student about what they have learned so far about the three layers of the ocean and harbor seals.   


Fullerton, Fullerton is our Town  

For the next four weeks, our class will be learning the history of Fullerton.  We will be learning about how our city was established and the important people in history who made Fullerton the wonderful place it is today.  Make sure to ask your student about the Tongva people and what an ostrich gizzard does! 


Fall Harvest Parade

Our class had a great time at the Fall Harvest Parade on October 29, 2010.  Thank you to all of the family members who came out to support "the monsters" in room 13!


 Mrs. Pionke as Sally and Mrs. Wren as a pumpkin


 Jordan, Destiny, Dana, and Gael eager to answer questions in the Halloween quiz!






Mr. Green- All the Arts

Mr. Green has been coming into our class on Thursdays to help the students with their drama skills.  He is a fun teacher who brings the best acting skills from all of our students.  Thursday, November 4, 2010 is our last session with Mr. Green.  We will miss Mr. Green!  Our next session of All the Arts will focus on art.