About Company

What’s your delivery method?
We commonly use sea Jet Pump Manufacturers, because we are in Ningbo, sea transportation is convenient. Of course, if your products are urgent, we can use air transportation. Ningbo airport and Shanghai international airport are close to us.
Where do you mainly export your products?
Our products are mainly exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Norway, India, Thailand and other dozens of countries.

Kaixin company service system (hereinafter referred to as our company)
With the rapid economic development and increasingly fierce market competition, users have more and more requirements for valve products, and the requirements for services are also getting higher and higher; because our sales department meets the requirements of market development, professionalism. A Complete Vacuum Unit Manufacturers training group was set up to add perfect work for service quality. Our pre-sale, sales, and after-sales service work was completed by professional sales staff.