Fun Websites to Help Your Child Learn More

White House for Kids

National Geographic for Kids

Lattice Math: step by step explanantion

Fun MATH games, puzzles, and practice (math facts, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, & more....)

Look inside the pages of hundreds of books - JUST SIGN UP, IT'S 

A great site to play with words! Plug in any words and the website will create a beautiful picture with your words!

Reading and Math Fun Stuff

Math Playground: Math Games

Interactive LIVE MATH game: DRAG RACE DIVISION (Race other players LIVE while you study your simple division facts! Addition, subtraction, & multiplication math fact practice available also!)

Geometry Fun: Flips, Turns, and Slides

Math Dictionary: Math vocabulary

Comprehensive Math: Multi grade levels and concepts

Celebrities read popular children's literature!!!

Solve a Mystery!!!

Math: Order of Operations Instruction

Math: Order of Operations GAME

Reading Comprehension Activities

NC Facts and Trivia


NC Information: Firsts in NC and other facts


NC Facts: State symbols, population numbers, Famous People 
in/from NC, great links to other sites, etc.


NC Official website: good information


NC Information: state symbols & some pictures, printable NC flag 
and map


US House of Representatives; search for NC once at this site


State of NC Kids' Page: Great information about NC


All about Raleigh, our state's capitol