What We are Learning Now

At this time, in 3rd grade, we are learning about the following:

Cursive: We have learned ALL the lower case and upper case letters!  We are perfecting our form of the different letters.

Reading: We are reviewing cause and effect, main idea using details, and finding answers to our questions within the text.  All year, we will be working on how to prove our thinking using the text that we read and answering open-ended questions using the text to prove our thinking.

Science: We are learning about the human body.  We are keeping track of our work in our science notebook.

S.S.:   We are learning about civil rights and why they are important.  

Math: We are reviewing the previous concepts that have been taught: multi-digit addition and subtraction.  We are using the basic algorithm to solve these equations.  We have also been learning about multiplication, area, perimeter, and multi-step word problems.  We have started division facts and that division is the opposite of multiplication.  We are also leearning fractions, equilvalent fractions, fractions on a number line, telling time, and reading information on graphs.

Writing: We poetry and how to write it using correct spelling, capitalization, & punctuation.