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Recently, the reporter conducted an interview on this. The reporter visited a large Plastic Frosted Cups in Li Wei and found that on the franchise shelves of the fresh-keeping box, the various styles and brand fresh-keeping boxes of plastic materials only accounted for one-third, which was significantly less than in previous years. A salesperson at the supermarket told reporters that "the recently accumulated plastic storage boxes are now in the discount zone and are no longer sold in counters."

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"Some plastic crispers are mainly made of PP or PE materials. If the temperature exceeds their heat resistance limit, there is a danger of releasing plastic juice cups. But it cannot be said that plastics 'into the furnace' will definitely cause food safety hazards. A staff member of the Qingdao Quality Supervision Bureau told reporters that in general, plastic products have seven plastic types of logo codes, such as "No. 1 plastic for mineral water bottles; No. 2 plastics for food packaging bags, etc." The main component of No. 5 plastic is polypropylene, and the heat-resistant temperature can reach 130 ° C, which is the only one that can be heated into the microwave oven."

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It is impossible for ordinary consumers to see the difference between “tempering” and “heat-resistant” glass from the appearance, but there are still unclear Reusable Plastic Tumblers on the market. At present, China Daily Glass Enterprise Association has formulated relevant management methods, and specific implementation work is being carried out one after another.


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